Meet Karan and Skalzang


Karanbir Singh Bedi

Karan is a passionate traveller and a three time national record holder in adventure sports. One fine morning, during his days as journalist spent behind the wheels of Bentley’s and Beemers, he woke up to the beautiful sound of rain, hungover (from the night spent drinking with strangers he’d met while travelling with only rum in his boot). He felt dwarfed by his profession, and decided it was time to quit his job and follow his heart- to travel and experience life to the fullest till his last breath.

Himalayan Shepherd’s inception is the thrill that comes with adventure travelling and the high from exploring places unknown and far less travelled (like the time when he dropped everything and embarked for South America, hitchhiking across 6 countries).

In other words, Himalayan Shepherd is a venue to seek thrill, a way to quench one’s thirst for adventure and to travel with only a hat on your mind. And with Karan by your side, the experience and the chance to discover something new becomes inevitable.

With years of experience organizing great packages for inspired travellers, Karan fully takes care of all his patrons’ requirements (including stashing away emergency supplies of rum or a tea bag in his socks), ensuring an encompassing story of a lifetime.


Skalzang Dorje

Meeting Skalzang you would never guess that he is an Olympian. Having travelled to over a dozen countries representing India in Archery, Skalzang’s humility is typical of people from Spiti. His deep belief in Buddhism’s philosophy of past life seeds and impression is what he credits for him to become one of the best archers to have come out from India. For the people of Spiti and Pin valley archery is amongst the most popular of all traditional sports and Skalzang picked up archery at an early age. His talent was tokk him to New Delhi first and then to the Asian games in Bangkok as he reached the pinnacle of his sport.

Today Skalzang lives in Kaza working in projects to encourage children of this valley to take up sport and better his achievement. An avid trekker with a mind as sharp as his arrow, Skalzang’s love for Spiti and the outdoor is his reason for starting Himalayan Shepherd with Karanbir.


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