Responsible Tourism

The word ‘responsible tourism’ gets thrown around far too often these days but once you come to our hotel in Kaza (our office is in our hotel in Kaza) you would see from yourself that we do practise what we preach. We care about the places we visit and their people and believe that tourism should and can be something positive for both the visitors and for local communities. Our team makes every effort through our practices to play an active role in promoting responsible and sustainable travel. We involve the community members in all our expeditions and trips and believe that travel and tourism should benefit local communities.

Himalayan Shepherd supports local development in the Himalayas and we are committed to promoting responsible travel that respects and protects local cultures, communities, landscapes and environments. For us being responsible does not mean a compromise in quality or standards of travel but we believe that tourism can benefit and sustain the environment and local indigenous peoples.

As travellers ourselves we are aware of the impact that tourism can have and whilst economic gain from tourism is often fundamental to a country, it should never be at the expense of its culture or environment. We pride ourselves in providing journeys that have minimal negative and maximum positive impact on the places we visit.

Jobs for locals

Local group leaders and staff welfare – We employ local group leaders on more than 90% of our trips and we aim to use local guides and support staff where possible, providing employment for local communities. We aim at developing long-term relationships with our local suppliers by working closely with them to develop new products/services and providing staff training to ensure that the economic benefit is ongoing.

Environmental consciousness

We ensure that all of our trips have minimum environmental impact which makes sure that local trekking guidelines are followed, no litter is left behind, water sources are environmentally friendly and responsible cooking fuels are used.

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