Himalayan Shepherd

Himalayan Shepherd offers a wide selection of tours to suit different styles of travel. Whether you’re joining us at our Hotel in Kaza, one of our camping sites, motorcycle tours in Spiti, mountain biking around Kaza and in Spiti, yoga or any of the activities we offer, we guarantee to take you where the crowds don’t go.

Our selection of specially designed itineraries for Kaza and Spiti and activities has been carefully made for young and old alike. Our experienced guides have closely explored every aspect of the adventures that we offer, in order to provide the best standards of safety and service. We are always available for any question and customization and Himalayan Shepherd standardizes each trip with only a very limited number of guests in order to personalize and make it an adventure of a lifetime!

We have love and respect for the Himalayas, its stunning landscapes, vibrant cultures and welcoming people of Spiti and we believe in responsible travel working in partnership with local communities. Our team is passionate about bringing you the best and most authentic experiences with the personal touch you’d expect from an independent tour operator.

Standards of service

When you travel with us or stay with us at our hotel in Kaza, you can be assured of the highest standards of service at every stage of your travel adventure, from initial enquiry through to booking, all ground handling services up to your return home. Our team includes experienced travellers, trekkers and climbers and we strive at providing exceptional quality and reliability to create fantastic adventure trips for you to enjoy.


Our top priority is the safety and security of our customers and staff. Our guides are all trained and highly experienced in leading groups through the Himalayas and they all have special training in first aid and as well as in crisis management. In the rare case of an incident during a trek they can organize a rapid medical evacuation. We carry normal first aid kits on all of our tours, which is readily available for both customers and staff.


All our mountain guides, river guides, biking guides & escorts hail from the Himalayas and have undergone professional training courses in their respective fields. They are well versed with the local culture and language and are always forthcoming with interesting information on local history, culture and practices and are always willing to lend a helping hand if one were in any uncomfortable situation.


We Trek mountain bikes on our expeditions and our camping equipment include either North Face or Mountain Hardware.

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