Homestays Overview

While Langza is preferred by most travellers and is also the most accessible from Kaza as an option for a homestay in Spiti, there are other villages like Komic, Demul, Dhankar, Lalung, Cyoto and Tashi Gang where we offer an experience of a homestay in Spiti. The accommodation is basic, you do get a chance to mix with the local communities and experience their way of life which has remained untouched for centuries. We are frequently asked by our guests to arrange for them homestay options in Kaza but in the last few years Kaza has developed and the whole experience of ‘homestay’ gets lost in that so in our opinion a homestay option in the villages is better.

Adventure, natural beauty and caring for the environment, we believe that the option of a homestay in Spiti is the best way to mingle with local population and enjoy the rhythm of village life, which has been followed from centuries. People here are honest and welcoming and we arrange for you the opportunity to stay in traditional houses of Spiti with basic but clean and comfortable rooms. You’ll be served the local food the traditional way using eco friendly methods. There will be boiled water to drink and traditional dry composting toilet. While visiting the place with our local guide you can appreciate a stroll in the fields or through the village, helping the villagers in various activities, watching flora and fauna and spending the evening with local people.

A trip to Spiti is a journey back in time and people living here in the cold climate are some of the warmest you’ll see around the world. People here have a great hospitable nature and you will see the landscapes and culture of ‘little Tibet’ up close. We can also provide you with an itinerary that includes working on a volunteer project and staying in a local Spiti home. With the help of the local people we offer an exciting tour for the real traveller and our aim is to generate benefits and opportunities for local communities while protecting their rich natural and cultural heritage for future generations.

Your Homestay experience includes

  • A clean, comfortable room, lit by candles or solar light and furnished in traditional Spiti style
  • Traditional meals, cooked hygienically using eco-friendly methods
  • Boiled spring water to drink
  • A clean, traditional dry-composting toilet
  • Refreshing showers with heated water
  • Local nature guides in some villages to show you around the village and take you on wildlife tours
  • Special snow leopard treks in winter, led by local naturalists


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