Meditation Retreats Overview

Freedom, Bliss and Awareness are not mere esoteric words and you can experience them as your true nature. To be objective with yourself and really experience this state of freedom, meditation can do wonders.

We invite you to Spiti Valley to experience the path of healing, spirituality, and connecting with the inner realms of yourself through awareness and compassion. The spiritual way of life is something just about every person living in this area solemnly follows. The monasteries resonate every day with the chanting of the monks and spiti finds a special place in the heart of H.H the 14th Dalai Lama.
In our retreats at Himalayan Shepherd which we organize in our hotel in Kaza we will provide you an environment for your personal healing and growth, since our belief is that we are all on a personal journey of evolving the self, but sometimes we have our own issues and barriers that we need to work through in order to understand our true nature.

In the Retreats, we work on a personal level as well as on a group level and we will be trying to get to your desired goals through various Healing Therapies, Meditations and Breath work. In these Retreats we invite small groups at a time since it is not possible to keep up with our vision in a bigger group so we prefer to keep it small.

Please feel free to ask us questions about our teachers that conduct the retreats and the duration.


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