Why you need to stay with us

If you intend to visit the amazing Spiti valley then you shouldn’t have to settle for anything decent. Instead, you should look for something extraordinary which would help you enjoy your stay and experience in Spiti the way it should be experienced. Our property in Kaza, Hotel Deyzor is unique and which will live up to all your expectations. All rooms are nicely decorated and have attached bathrooms with hot water, some also with excellent view of the beautiful rugged mountains surrounding Kaza. We have a recently renovated restaurant, with WiFi, serving traditional Indian and Tibetan dishes as well as continental, Chinese and Israeli specialties. The personal service and travel friendly atmosphere we offer would fit any type of traveller, but especially the adventurer since that’s where our true passion lies.

The recreational facilities like the library, games and garden café are one of the best ones in the entire Spiti valley and provide you with everything that you need. Hotel Deyzor is a non-smoking hotel and we guarantee you that you won’t have to deal with sagging beds or dubious wallpaper, but original designs and spotless bathrooms. Our modern den in Spiti valley comes with a soothing and informal atmosphere and the breezy and contemporary style meets a calm, cultivated mood, with original photographs on the walls.

Hotel location

The hotel is located close to the Sakya monastery and behind the petrol pump and the old part of the village is less than 1km walk away. Simply by taking a short walk you would be able to get to know the village and its people. If you are interested in exploring the entire Spiti valley our hotel in Kaza is ideally located for it and we can provide a car service for you and even a tour guide if that is something that you would want.

The hotel atmosphere combines the vibrant cultural life nearby which is sure to make your stay relaxed as well as complete. Our knowledgeable staff would assist you to understand the unique culture of Spiti and make your travel to this region a learning and enriching one.

What we offer

Our organization, Himalayan Shepherd which specializes in Spiti valley also offers the guests various activities to choose from like trekking and hiking, camping, mountain biking, jeep safaris, motorcycle tours, yoga, wildlife excursions, fossil explorations and homestays.


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