Yoga In The Valley Overview

India is the spiritual home of Yoga and it’s no longer a secret that the Himalayas are spiritually charged. The roots of Yoga go back many thousands of years to the days when the Sadhus and Rishis of antiquity twisted and contorted their minds and bodies to gain insight into the meaning and purpose of life and in order to manifest Spiritual Realization. Today however even though our approach may be somewhat ‘gentler’, we do aspire towards self-betterment, wisdom through insight, compassion and our intentions are sincere.

Our vision is to create a space, and a place, where yoga in all of its disciplines can be taught and practiced. Despite the challenges of the altitude, practising yoga in Spiti is definitely possible. We have created an environment where the heart, mind, body and soul of the practitioner are able to immerse themselves into the very heart of yoga.

Our aim is to create a community atmosphere of like-minded people during the time of your yoga holiday. To help us realize this vision we have found the most beautiful location to stay and practice, close to nature, with modern facilities for your comfort, organic and freshly cooked food, visits to the local monasteries for culture and inspiration, and lots of practice. With the energy of this area coming from the mountains, monasteries and the smiling people, practising yoga in Spiti at our hotel in Kaza is sure a special experience.

Our experienced and highly trained Yoga teacher from Kerala teaches yoga and if you would like advice about the style of Yoga and what to expect regarding health, equipment, etc please do not hesitate to e-mail us.

For yoga teachers

If you yourself are a Yoga teacher and have always dreamt of bringing your students to India for a yoga holiday or retreat but you didn’t know how to go about it we can set it up for you. Please feel free to connect with us.


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